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Eat Fit – a fresh look at food and fitness

Our first Eat Fit course has really caused a stir!

With our small, but solid starting group of clients, we began a new venture which seems to have proved successful. This was always going to be a group with a different sort of format: not just about losing weight; not just about getting fit; but a combination of all things healthy. Our vision was to create a platform for people – either with Type 2 Diabetes already, or those looking to prevent or reverse their Type 2 Diabetes – to find ways to change their lifestyle for the better with the introduction of new, healthy eating habits, combined with an increase in exercise.

IMG_5176It’s not always easy to find an exercise we enjoy and it’s certainly not easy to change eating habits, so we had a hand-picked selection of motivational speakers who came each week to inform, inspire and encourage.

Everyone Active (St Albans) played host to our weekly sessions and we are enormously grateful for their commitment to our vision – way back in the planning stages, it seemed like a huge gamble, but thankfully, it’s one that has paid off and has made a dramatic difference to the lives of the people who came. There’s a full list of speakers as well as testimonials on the Eat Fit page of our website, along with news articles and radio interviews on our News page.

We’re now in the planning stages of the next Eat Fit course which we’re aiming to run in Watford later this year, with the blessing of Watford’s elected Mayor, Dorothy Thornhill. Our expert nutritionist, Varsha Khatri, is helping us with putting together an equally-inspiring second course that will promote the healthy eating of natural foods, i.e. foods that are neither processed nor labelled as ‘low-fat’, but a balanced array of foods that contain the nutrients that we need to live a full and healthy life. This perspective on food, coupled with goals to achieve greater fitness are what give Eat Fit it’s fresh outlook.

We believe we have created a model that is both logical and sustainable, so if you have Type 2 Diabetes and want to manage or reverse the condition, or if you are living an unhealthy lifestyle at present and are worried about developing the condition, then Eat Fit could be for you.

If you wish to find out more about Eat Fit, please go to our Contact page and fill in the short form there – we’d love to hear from you.

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