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Eat Fit begins new 8-week courses for a second time in ST ALBANS on Monday 5th October and now also in WATFORD on Wednesday 7th October, thanks to the generosity of Watford Council who have agreed to fund our Watford course.

EatFit-A4 flyerWe are delighted to be supported by The Right Worshipful the Mayor of St Albans City and District, Councillor Salih Gaygusuz and elected Mayor of Watford, Dorothy Thornhill.

IMG_6567We will be holding Eat Fit at the Everyone Active leisure centres in both St Albans and Watford and we offer our thanks to Lesley Garner, General Manager of Everyone Active at Westminster Lodge, St Albans; and Gary Foley, General Manager of Everyone Active in Watford town centre for their terrific support of this project. We are keen to emphasise the importance of fitness as part of our campaign, so what better place to hold these classes than at two of the most popular and family-friendly leisure centres in the area!

The Eat Fit focus remains on spreading knowledge and understanding to a wider audience and to really get to grips with the food and drink issues that surround us. There is so much confusion in the supermarkets and in the media these days about what we ‘should’ be eating and drinking – we aim to cut through the jargon and the myths and offer some straight talking on what a healthy lifestyle is really all about.

AvocadoWith the help of nutritionist Varsha Khatri and her wealth of experience, you will find the answers to many burning questions that have been raised, such as:

– whether to eat ‘low-fat’

– whether ‘diabetic foods’ are a good idea

– which cereal bars contain the most sugar

– how much water should we be drinking

…these and many more.

Come along to the first session, either in Watford or St Albans and find out more – everyone over 18 is welcome.

Give us a ring on 07870 311192 or drop us an email first and we’ll make sure that we have an Eat Fit pack ready for you when you arrive.

The NEW, HEALTHIER YOU starts here!



The sun shone and the crowds turned out – just a typical market day in St Albans, except of course that today we were there too!

BEST PIC - Mayor+JoanneWe had a stall in one of the busiest parts of the market in order to promote our latest Eat Fit courses, running in both St Albans and Watford from October. We were handing out cups of fresh fruit to passers-by and chatting with people about the courses and what Eat Fit is all about.

Mayor+chat Mayor+wristbandsWe were joined just after midday by the Mayor of St Albans, Councillor Salih Gaygusuz who helped with handing out flyers for over an hour, as well as giving out MGF wristbands to some of the younger market-goers. He was keen to help us promote awareness of Type 2 Diabetes and there were a few surprised faces, along with selfie requests when people realised who had come to join us.

Huge thanks to Diane Richardson for taking some fabulous photos that capture the occasion perfectly – as a supporter of our charity at numerous events to date, her time and expertise is always very much appreciated.

We were also joined on the day by Antonia from Everyone Active – part of the team who are helping us to run the Eat Fit courses and we are thrilled that she was there to represent the fitness side of the campaign.

THANKS AGAIN to all who came to help on the day.

Mayor+flyers Mayor+StallThe Eat Fit 8-week courses start on Mon 5th Oct at Everyone Active, Westminster Lodge, St Albans from 7.30-8.30pm and on Wed 7th Oct at Everyone Active, Central Watford, from 7.30-8.30pm. £10 per session – all over-18s are welcome…supporting partners are also welcome at no extra cost.



We were delighted to be invited to Everyone Active Watford Central Leisure Centre for a photo shoot with centre Manager, Gary Foley and Watford’s elected Mayor, Dorothy Thornhill.

EatFit+Gary+Dorothy_webGary has embraced the Eat Fit project and offered us meeting space free of charge to hold the weekly sessions, for which we are very grateful. Dorothy has been a supporter of The Michael Green Diabetes Foundation from the beginning and we are always grateful when she takes time out of her busy schedule to catch up with our latest campaigns.

EatFit-MayorDorothy+EAThrough Dorothy’s support, we are thrilled that Watford Borough Council have agreed to sponsor our Eat Fit course in Watford – this is incredible and we are keen to show this 8-week course can make a real, life-changing difference to people’s lives.

Thanks again to both Gary and Dorothy and also to Linda at Everyone Active who took these photos on the day.



EAT FIT began in JANUARY 2015

The Michael Green Diabetes Foundation devised Eat Fit as a way to bring a fresh look to food and fitness as well as providing people with a forum for knowledge and discussion about making healthy lifestyle changes.

Meet the team behind Eat Fit: Catherine, Joanne, Helen and Varsha



The first Eat Fit course began on 12th January 2015 at the Everyone Active leisure centre at Westminster Lodge, St Albans. Thanks to the generosity of General Manager, Lesley Garner, along with her commitment to the Eat Fit vision, we had the perfect venue to run the 12-week course, along with the opportunity for our clients to enjoy a discounted gym membership as part of the Eat Fit package.

We welcomed a variety of speakers over the weeks who all offered advice, inspiration and a chance for discussion on a wide variety of related topics:

Margaret Guillen, Life Coach – enabling clients to recognise the importance of goal setting and how best to achieve those goals

Sam Hart, Personal Trainer at Everyone Active – talking about the importance of fitness and how to exercise safely

Priti Joshi, Dentist – stressing the importance of a healthy diet and how our diets affect teeth, gums and other organs in the body

Monica Varo, Hypnotherapist – demonstrating the benefits of hypnotherapy and how it can help us to achieve our goals through self-awareness

Marek Rejak, Runner – a personal story of his passion for running and encouragement for others to find an exercise that they enjoy

Richard Doughty, Freelance Journalist – there was lively discussion following his story about his reversal of Type 2 Diabetes and the Newcastle research from Prof. Roy Taylor that helped him to achieve good healthIMG_5021

The back-bone of our course was Varsha Khatri, Nutritionist and owner of Illuminated Health – a business dedicated to helping people in making healthier food choices. With her knowledge and expertise, the group benefitted fully from discussions based around a variety of topics including: food choices, food labelling, nutrition, healthy snacks, portion control, the dangers of obesity and emotional eating; and with her scales in-hand, weekly measurements were taken and rewards offered to those who were aiming to lose weight. Varsha was instrumental in formulating the 12-week course and will be instrumental in helping us to roll-out more courses in Herts, Beds, Bucks, Middlesex and North London areas. The next course we are hoping to run will be in Watford later this year – details are being finalised now.

Not everyone joined Eat Fit to lose weight. Some wanted to have greater knowledge and understanding of the changes needed for a healthier lifestyle. This is where our course differs to others – the emphasis is on healthy eating and drinking and not on counting calories, complicated points systems, or depriving ourselves completely of the foods we love. Eat Fit is about ditching processed foods and learning about the food industry and why we have been told to eat ‘low fat’ for years. Knowledge is power, and it is this power that enabled our clients to change their lives for the better.IMG_4963

With on-going email support, weekly recipes and expert advice from Varsha, we are determined to offer follow-up support for our clients with monthly meet-ups and our dedicated Facebook page for Eat Fit clients.

For those aiming to lose weight, with the help and generosity of Everyone Active, we have been able to reward a Spa Day and free gym membership for a month to the client who lost the most weight over the 12-week course. Chris is a worthy winner and we are delighted that he, along with Judith have written these testimonials about their experiences of Eat Fit:

My name is Chris Hill,  I am a 55 year old male, recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I naively thought that it was just a temporary blip in my life and did not grasp the serious nature of what I had. My family tried to warn me that being over weight and having type 2 would not just disappear. We saw an article in the Herts Advertiser highlighting how serious type 2 diabetes can be if  not well managed. The article went on to describe the launch of an Eat Fit program, targeted at people with type 2 diabetes, it made me realise that I had to do something to halt the effects of type 2 diabetes.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAMy wife spoke to Joanne at the Michael Green Foundation who suggested that my wife should accompany me to offer support in the journey ahead. It has been vital for me to have had such support in what after all is a life changing experience!

Taking part in the program has been the best thing I ever did looking at the results I have managed to achieve. I now have a much greater understanding of what is meant by healthy eating and am much more mindful of what I eat. The program has given me the tools to make informed choices and has changed my attitude to food. I have returned to the gym after 25 years, it is about making sustainable lifelong changes. There is no calorie counting or diet plans but sharing of knowledge, experience and expertise which puts you in the driving seat and ultimately puts you back in control.

In twelve weeks I have achieved so much;
Lost 1.5 stones
Reduced type 2 daily drug intake
Stopped taking anti depressants
Change in self esteem and well being
Positive mental attitude
Happier than I have ever been
More sustained energy
and best of all my boss has commented on my improved sunny disposition!

The program has totally changed my life indeed saved my life giving me focus that has brought me closer to my family and given me great new friends.


I have often read articles or heard reports on the news about the high incidence of Type 2 diabetes. I knew little about this disease, but I did know that I did not want to develop it.

When I saw the Eat fit course advertised I was immediately interested. It was not for only people who had developed Type 2 diabetes but also for people, like myself.IMG_5188

The course included information on healthy eating and developing a lifestyle change and was too important to miss.

This course has delivered on its aims and objectives. I am now much more informed and can continue my life making educated decisions about food and exercise.

I can now live a healthier more energetic lifestyle thanks to the knowledge the Eat Fit course has provided me with.

Judith (age 58)



Everyone Active – Wesminster Lodge, St Albans

Varsha Khatri, Nutritionist – Illuminated Health

Margaret Guillen, Life Coach – MG Coach

Priti Joshi, Dentist – White Star Dental Practice

Monica Varo, Hypnotherapist – Fountain Therapy

Marek Rejak, Runner – Help Get Fit

Richard Doughty, Freelance Journalist (formerly for The Guardian) 


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